H. H. Holsters

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Heimdhals Hybrid Holster began commercially selling holsters in 2009, but its history dates back some years prior when we first started making concealed carry holsters for friends and relatives.  We have long enjoyed careers in shooting and leather craft and are happy to make some of the finest concealed holsters on the market today.

What’s so special about a Hybrid Holster?

Quite a bit!  These holsters are made of two unique materials, leather and Kydex (an impact and heat resistant, moldable plastic) which is why we call them hybrid. The leather backing will mold itself naturally to the contours of your body in whatever carry position you chose and remold itself if you decide to change its position later on. This means an all new level in comfort for daily and extended carry. The Kydex shell stays rigid, to both retain the side arm at all times as well as keep the holster from deforming once the side arm has been removed and allows constant, single handed operation and easier insertion and extraction of the side arm, as many times as needed.

Why a Heimdhal’s Hybrid?

We use all U.S. sourced materials for all of our products, from the Kydex to the leather to the rivets and dye. We make each holster by hand with attention to detail and the customer constantly in mind, while  keeping a speedy turn-around time, full customization and quality our top priorities.

Our goal in making these is to offer people a comfortable and affordable method in which to carry their defensive piece of choice. We sincerely believe that every man and woman who so desires ought to have a fighting chance. I began to offer these local some years ago after hearing nothing but complaints from people about how uncomfortable or how expensive such and such holsters were for concealed carry, especially being in the south in summer. Too many people were leaving their side arms in the car or at home all together, where it did them practically no good.

We never want anyone to ever have an excuse NOT to carry. No more going through a half dozen, Chinese IWB holsters, shoulder rigs, pocket pouches, belly bands and then spending half your pay check and waiting 3 months to inevitably find one that works “well enough”.

Fully Customizable!

Yep, 100% every option is your choice. Don't like the shape, or want a shape that’s different just because? Want one shaped like your first puppy? How about a piece of zombie skin?  Want a certain color but don’t see an option? Not a problem! Let us know and we will personally work with you to make the exact holster you desire to the very best of our abilities! And, if for some reason, it just won’t work, there’s always the base model, which works quite well.

All holsters are also Ride Height and Cant adjustable. This means that’s its fully adjustable, to help you find the most comfortable position for you personally, whether you want it to sit lower on your belt, or higher, or tilted further back or forward.

Thank you for the interest and please feel free to email me with any questions that you have.